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The Abbey
in Gay West Hollywood
The Abbey
in Gay West Hollywood
Elizabeth Taylor's Angel displayed at The Abbey in Gay West Hollywood
Elizabeth Taylor's angel is displayed over the fireplace in The Abbey in Gay WeHo.

The Abbey Bar in Gay West Hollywood has once again been voted "Best Gay Bar in the World", the 2nd year in a row.

The competition is run by Logo, an American gay television network owned by MTV.

The Abbey competed against 5 other gay bars from around the world:
Club Mañana, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Roscoe’s, Chicago, IL
The Round-Up Saloon, Dallas, TX
Royal Vauxhall Tavern, London, UK
The Week, Rio/Sao Paulo, Brazil

After weeks and weeks of anticipation, voters around the world chose The Abbey over the competition. This was no surprise to everybody in Gay West Hollywood who already know that The Abbey is the best gay bar in the world.

The Abbey was chosen along with American Airlines as the best airline, and
Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme – Paris, France as the best luxury resort.

The Abbey already won the award in 2009, and is extremely excited to be the winner two years in a row.

To celebrate, The Abbey has created a commemorative cocktail, "Best Gay Cocktail in the World." The Trevor Project will benefit from the sale of the cocktail.

From David Cooley, The Abbey Food and Bar Founder and President:

We are extremely proud of how The Abbey Food and Bar has evolved from a small coffee shop to the 16,000-square-foot space it is today. So much more than just a bar, The Abbey truly is a destination and a community touchstone – we have visitors from all over the world and from all walks of life. We want everyone who comes here to feel special and we can't wait to show them what we have planned for year year.

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so gay friendly? Read about
Gay West Hollywood's history.

Voted "Best Gay Bar in the World"
2nd year in a row by MTV's Logo TV
network tripOut gay travel awards.
The Abbey is an amazing success story.

After studying hotel management in college, David Cooley opened a coffee shop in 1991 at 685 Robertson, the current site of the Bossa Nova restaurant. This became a refuse for under 21 year old gays who couldn't go to the bars. People played board games and cards.

David moved the coffee shop across the street in a picturesque quarter sized portion of a statuary named Terra Cotta. As the coffee shop became more popular, The Abbey expanded now taking 1/2 of Terra Cotta.

The new Abbey was extremely successful and expanded into serving cocktails.

Another expansion, food service, and The Abbey was then taking up 3/4 of Terra Cotta. Yep, you guessed it, The Abbey expanded and remodeled two more times, started REALLY looking like an Abbey, and poor Terra Cotta statuary was now extinct.

Opening at 8am and closing at 2am, the trendiest gay crowd flocked to the location to savor the best coffee and pastries, for the surprisingly great food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and to enjoy the specialty martinis and mojitos. The Abbey hosted great DJs playing music all night long.

Even though The Abbey was not a dance club, happy customers dance anyway in the back bar and around the DJ booth.

It just kept getting bigger and bigger and better and better. GoGo boys were recently added for Saturday nights. Sundays have become legendary with a DJ starting at 2pm for brunch with crowds packing the place the entire day until 2am.

Every night is packed with gay men from every age group bringing along their straight friends many of whom have never been to a gay bar before. Pasted on the front page of The Abbey website is "The best gay bar to bring a straight friend to." This has created a unique environment that welcomes everyone including people previously uncomfortable going to a gay bar. Odyssey magazine describes The Abbey Saturday nights as "Bi-Sexy."

In 2006 The Abbey was purchased by the SBE Corporation, who has plans underway to expand The Abbey nationwide. The secret of The Abbey is the open-air concept mixed with the inclusive atmosphere that welcomes gays and all their straight and bisexual friends. It hasn't been easy so far to locate a property with the great weather and gay community similar to the amazing location in Gay West Hollywood, but the search continues.

SBE is a huge conglomerate and has taken good care of The Abbey. Just a few of their many properties are the trendiest straight celebrity clubs and restaurants in Los Angeles and luxury hotels in Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

Currently at 16,000 square feet, The Abbey has undergone 5 multi-million dollar expansions, but why stop there? It was recently remodeled again, the 6th time, to add an official dance floor, new seating areas, and larger bathrooms.

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